Friends and family honor two fallen heroes, Major General Durwood ‘Hawk’ Jones and SSgt. Remington Viney

WKOW recently did a story on our upcoming Fawn Creek Winery fundraiser.

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WISCONSIN DELLS (WKOW) — At the Fawn Creek Winery in the Wisconsin Dells on Sunday, people gathered to raise money to support the Remington Viney Legacy Fund and family of Major General Durwood “Hawk” Jones.

It’s been a year and a half since a plane crash in Rock County unexpectedly took the life of flight instructor and former air national guard pilot, Remington Viney. 

“She was in the height of her life,” Tia Scanlon said. “Exploring herself as a pilot as a 115 Guard member, and just a fabulous person.”

Remington’s parents, Tia Scanlon and Kevin Viney, said they are continuing her passion of helping women alike get up in the air through the Remington Legacy Fund.

“She was a really big mentor to other young women. She did a lot of volunteer work with above the clouds and, and through Women in Aviation she was and so she actually herself relied on many scholarships. So it seemed logical to us to to carry that foreword for her.” Viney said.

Kevin Viney said going through the tragedy of losing Remington, they knew they needed to focus on helping young women and students learn how to fly.

The fund is a scholarship for women interested in aviation. It also supports educational and charitable projects.

“She wasn’t here to teach other young women or other students to fly. The next best thing that we could do was to help somebody. It’s very expensive to go through the flight training, so we understand that as being the primary kind of helpers for her training,” Viney said.

Sunday’s fundraiser also honored Major General Durwood “Hawk” Jones.

Jones died after crashing a F-16 fighter jet in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on December 8, 2020.

Kevin Hansen is the son of the owners of Fawn Creek Winery. He said after high school, he wanted to become a fighter pilot. But, his heart condition made him “permanently disqualified.”

Hansen shared his story on how he became involved with supporting the Viney’s and Jones’. After meeting them through a mutual connection, he said “when we heard about the accidents, I texted him right away and said, If there’s anything we can do to help the families, let us know.”

Now, it is the second annual fundraiser held at Fawn Creek Winery. All proceeds go to support the Jones family and Remington Viney Legacy Fund.

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