Remington Viney Legacy

Our Mission

Women comprise less than 20% of the workforce in most aviation occupations.

Remington Viney was one of those women breaking barriers and was well on her way to a professional piloting career. Our mission is to support women and girls whose dream is to fly.

We provide annual scholarships for women to fund flight training, licensure, ratings, or endorsements. We will help change the trajectory of women in aviation, one woman at a time.

Please, join us in our mission.

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A memorial fund in honor of Remington Viney

It is with great honor that we, her family, have established this memorial fund. This fund supports educational and charitable human service projects in Wisconsin or with regional or national merit. Remington was passionate about many things in her life. These things included being a vegan, improving the lives of animals, living an environmentally friendly life, and supporting local businesses, especially those owned by women. One of her greatest passions was aviation. Due to her extensive involvement and affiliation with many local flight programs and associations, grant award preference will be given to organizations that support women who are interested in aviation as a career or interest.

Remington Viney Memorial Scholarship Application Now Open

A scholarship in the amount up to $5,000 will be awarded to a female Wisconsin resident age 16 or over in pursuit of any pilot rating, license, or endorsement.

Deadline to apply: May 31, 2024!
2024 Remington Viney Scholarship Flyer